Great Tips on Book Cover Designs that Authors Need to Know - #Indieauthor #bookcover

Have you ever bought a book with a horrible cover from an author that you’ve never heard of? 
I bet it's unlikely. 

A stunning cover can attract a reader’s attention and have them buying your eBook over the competition. It’s like the first impression that a reader has of your wonderful product.

Most self-published authors and indie publishers use stock photos and images from sites such as CanStockPhoto or ShutterStock, etc. on their book covers. Even the bigger traditional publishers use stock images.

The only problem is that there are a lot of very popular models that are used
repeatedly on book covers. Some photographers just have great poses (like the models in the photo on the left) that make stunning book cover designs, so they get used again and again.

Personally, I think if you're a writer on a budget, then stock images are great for covers. And I see nothing wrong with using them. From my experience, readers don’t care, either. If the image or model fits the genre, that's all that should matter. I suggest that if writes create a DIY design that they alter the image enough so it doesn’t look exactly like the original stock photo.

Just make sure that your design is unique to your book when using the same stock image that's featured on someone else's cover. The key word is "unique" though, because it would be hard to find professional stock images that haven't already been used before.

A book cover (outer packaging) should have an attention-grabbing appearance. Your cover needs to be instantly recognizable within the genre that you write. Do lots of research and figure out where your book should be best placed within the market and what genres it fits. Study what works for bestsellers in a similar genres, after all, they’re the authors you’ll be competing with. 

Don't worry if you find the same stock image being used on another book cover, unless the designs are too similar, then I suggest that you alter your cover immediately. 

My advice is to really take the time to learn about marketing and cover design. A book cover is just pretty packaging that hints about the story. The actual novel is what the reader is paying for, and I think some writers forget that. A book cover is only "packaging" for marketing purposes. What a writer wants on the cover doesn't mean it necessarily meets the expectations of what a potential reader might be looking for in a particular genre.

Even if you've already published a few books or you're just starting out in the indie publishing world, there's always more to learn on the craft of fiction and book promotion. If you're determined to take your writing career seriously and make it to the next level, you need to make sure that your author branding and book packaging are "genre specific" to hit your target audience and build a loyal readership.

As always, I wish everyone much success on their writing journey!

S. A. Soule

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