8 Helpful Tips to DIY Book Cover Design - #IndieAuthor #Selfpubbed


If you want to publish books successfully and make a living as a full-time writer, then writers need to approach publishing as a business. The most prosperous self-publishers are those that understand they are running a business, which includes the importance of packaging a product. They recognize that promotion and branding, and all the other distinctions of publishing aspects are key factors to success.
A book cover that fits the genre is the #1 marketing tool a writer needs to attract their target readership, and the second is an enticing book blurb, and the third is a gripping opening scene. But so many authors need help with these top 3 vital promotional tools. 
I often wonder why so many self-published authors get these simple steps so wrong. . .
Keep in mind that the book cover is a reader's first impression.  

No author wants their cover featured on this site: http://www.lousybookcovers.com
or this site of Kindle eBook Cover disasters: http://kindlecoverdisasters.tumblr.com or this site Cover Critics: http://covercritics.com

(If your book cover ends up being featured on one of these sites listed above, please let me know and I'll give you a free book cover. Email me the link to your cover on Amazon, and the URL to the site it is featured on.)

Authors need to consider that the cover is like a product label. The more pleasing to the eye, the more likely a reader will want to find out more. 

Quote: "...writers are not marketers. Content is king, that's what everyone says. This is true, on blogs and websites maybe. But with books, Content is queen and Packaging is King. A buyer needs a lot of convincing, before they get to the point where they click that buy button. But, it's less work to just believe that the kick ass content is enough. Less costly too." -author, Eeva Lancaster

If you are going to design a DIY cover, please keep these tips in mind:

Don't use any fonts that are on your Word program, like Comic Sans or Times Roman. Study what fonts are being used on the bestsellers of other novels in your genre. Use those! 

Do not use any clipart or photos you took yourself. Get some good stock photos purchased from online retailers.

Make sure the fonts are readable to others besides yourself. Don't make them too big or too small. And make sure the fonts have matching styles.

Compare your cover to other bestsellers on Amazon or goodreads. Make sure it measures up! The key is to ensure your cover blends in with those.

Don't use more than 3 colors on your cover. 

DO mimic the other book cover designs in the genre you write to focus on hitting your target market. 

Look at lots and lots of book covers for inspiration. Do a Google search on covers in the same genre, and other authors who write similar books to yours.

Simple covers without too many images or graphics are the safest bet. You don't want a cover with too much clutter. Remember, minimalism can be your best ally. 

*Tip: As you're searching for a premade book cover, please keep in mind that the models on the cover don't need to look exactly like your hero or heroine, but just enough so the reader can form their own image of your characters in their mind.

"Many authors have a presentation problem: while their books are good, they package them incorrectly, using inappropriate blurbs, covers, categories and so forth that don't target the right readers. Thus, when their book page does get a little visibility, their conversion rate is atrocious." -author, Nicholas Erik

Book Covers Gone Horribly Wrong....
These 2 covers are bad examples and just plain ugly. It is hard to even guess the genre...

Quote: "...By not using a cover that appeals to the same readership [as your target audience], the author loses the easiest method of attracting that readership. Instead, the cover will be a barrier and liability, that must be overcome so that readers can find out what the book is about." -author, Derek Murphy

Recently, I've actually seen some indie authors / self-published writers with better book covers in their genre than what the design departments of the 5 big traditional publishers are creating. 

Best of luck on your indie author journey!
~S. A. Soule

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FYI: I am willing to work with authors on a budget. If you need to make payments on a design contact me and we will work something out. I understand that buying covers can be expensive, so please just send me an email and let me know which cover you like, and again, I'm happy to work with authors on payment plans and I often new clients offer generous discounts.