Writing a Book Description (blurb)

If you plan to self-publish, it’s crucial to know how to create an appealing blurb for your book—one that’s compelling enough to entice a reader into buying your novel. 

Blurbs (or called back jacket copy or marketing copy) are used in the back jacket copy of paperback novels and on the book's product page. Basically, it is the beguiling description of your novel used to entice readers into, well, reading your work.

This is marketing copy, not a synopsis. Keep it brief. Keep it interesting. Keep it engaging. Don’t bog it down with too many details about the plot or subplot. Use persuasive and strong nouns, adverbs, and verbs to describe your novel. (If you're querying an agent or publisher, then you need to slightly restructure your pitch, but it is basically the same method described in this post. And in your synopsis, I suggest that writers clearly define every plot point and reveal the ending.)

Keep this mind while drafting the blurb, "Conflict is the fuel that excites most readers.
I spend a lot of time revising and tweaking my own blurbs. I go over and over them until my head hurts. Writing a good blurb with a great “hook” isn’t easy, but it is essential to a self-published author if they want readers to take a chance with their time and money on their book. It is important to create a blurb so amazing and catchy that who wouldn’t want to read this story?

I have an easy blurb breakdown guide (my own personal formula) for fiction writers who are self-publishing.

Fiction Writers can get several blurb breakdown templates for only $2.99 found in THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO BOOK BLURBS and QUERY LETTERS 

An Awesome Book Description is one of the Most Important Tools a Writer Needs to Sell More Books, or to Gain the Attention of an Agent…
Whether you’re self-publishing, or querying agents and publishers, this guidebook on book descriptions can help! Writing back jacket copy (blurb or marketing copy) can give most writers a major headache. In this in-depth reference manual, any writer can learn how to instantly create an appealing blurb with a captivating tagline, or write a perfect query letter. 

Indie Authors will get a clearer understanding on how to write an effective book description, which is one of the most vital selling points a self-published author needs to successfully promote a book. Book blurbs are a critical marketing tool to attract readers. (Besides a “genre specific” book cover.)

Topics in this book include...
Book Descriptions: Each chapter offers simple steps to creating powerful blurbs with a gripping opening line, and a strong last sentence “hook.”  

Blurb breakdown templates: Writers will get 4 simple blurb breakdown templates to learn how to easily write compelling marketing copy.

Query Letters: If you’re a writer seeking an agent, then crafting an query letter is crucial on the path toward traditional publication. Great cover letters are essential to attracting agents and book publishers.

Blurb Examples
: Over 25 enticing blurbs in almost every genre to unlock your own creativity for self-published novelists.

Query Templates: Over 10 query letter templates to use for inspiration and guidance for writers striving to get a book publishing contract.

In this valuable resource, there are numerous query letters templates and book blurb examples for almost every fiction genre that will have an agent asking for more, and help a self-published author to write a compelling product description that will boost their book sales.

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