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I started doing my own book covers to save money, which is the main reason that I decided to design premade covers for indie authors on a budget, so that I could help out other self-published writers that didn’t have much money to spend on marketing. (And yes, the cover is a big part of marketing your product aka the book you've written.)

I only creategenre specific” high-quality, professional custom book covers for my clients to ensure that their design matches the current trends in the market and on the bestseller’s lists. 

 Each project begins with detailed market research and a consultation to accomplish the best way to promote your story.

Giving your book its best chance at becoming a BESTSELLER with a “genre specific” cover that instantly grabs a reader's attention is a smart choice!

For a premium custom eBook cover design, my prices start at $150, but a simple design can be as low as $50. The cost depends on if I need to purchase several stock photos and how much detail is needed. I try to keep my prices low and affordable for self-published writers on a budget, but who still need a high-quality design.

Service includes:
• 1 eBook cover design 
1 print CreateSpace design (if requested)
3 rounds of mock-ups/revisions (additional fees might apply)
• Fast Turnaround: within 72 hours

Payment: All payments are done through PayPal only. All payments are paid in full upfront
The quoted price includes royalty-free stock images. (If you have a specific image request, it might include an additional charge.) One reason that my covers and custom work is less expensive than other sites is because I design my premades with software programs, like Gimp, and I buy my stock photos from less expensive sites, or I get royalty free images from commercial free photo sites. My designs are just as professional-looking as any publisher, but for a fraction of the cost.

*The finished eBook cover is saved in jpg format (300 dpi) and ready to upload directly into KDP and other self-publishing sites, as well adding the design to your eBook.

I only do custom book cover designs for a select clientele, so if you would like to discuss the possibility of working together on a custom eBook cover and to obtain a quote, please contact me directly via EMAIL  I only work on a limited number of designs each month. To secure your design creation, please contact me right away. 

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FYI: I am always willing to work with authors on a budget. If you need to make payments on a design, please contact me and we will work something out. I'm happy to work with authors on payment plans. And I often offer new clients a generous discount.
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*Note: Sorry, but I do not provide or send clients layered psd files or covers without text.